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Thursday, January 17, 2008

tap into the singing of complete heart whispers...

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"tap into the social media revolution..." (courtesy socialmedia.com)

Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. ~Plato (courtesy Christine Taylor)

This notation is based on the following site reference:
This comes to me from the http://www.socialmedia.com/ homepage, accessed through the list of the latest companies working under the funding and direction of softvc, http://www.softtechvc.com/index.html

Perspective on web2.0 excitement...where does it belong?

I've been asking around and trying to keep perspective on the excitement around web2.0, yet replies are not coming in terribly quickly as of yet. Perhaps expanding my following and followers is of utmost importance. UPDATE: I did expand my following to include nearly 2k twitterers. I have had several follow back, to them: a collective "thanks, you."
There was a drawback to expanding my following in this manner, which was, basically, done with reckless abandon. The downside, as it turns out, is that I needed to make a separate twitter ID to use to update my family and close friends...the amount of uupdates alone on the @jesatiu account, as well as what some people say, just makes it necessary to have a "personal" as well as a "business" twitter account (rather, a research account-better term than business).

I realize to have the jesseloop.blogspot.com site down for this interim period isn't the most exciting part of my day, but i do think that in terms of a long-term project, where the mix of photojournalism and social connectivity arrive, there will be sunnier days ahead. UPDATE: blog is back up and publicly viewable-still no way to accept donations but I promise to get to that very soon...UPDATE update: PAYPAL functional! what this means is that you can now send me a couple dollars, even just one or two bucks each, or even thousands, if you are the kind of person able and willing to do so, and become a sponsor of my writing (again, it's not so much my writing I'm trying to push, but what I'd do with your donations).
I really look forward to comments and if possible, enough revenue to allow me to actually make this a decent blog-as for now there will be no charge for any of the content-it will all be publically viewable, it's just that now you can donate to this cause-because...
If you do donate-you can do so annonymously, of course, but, I would prefer if you did so publically and added comments regarding why you chose to fund terraverse-writ for the world. I'm very interested in your share of this adventure. If you donate non-annonymously I will provide you with a certificate that will act as a share in the revenue stream-if we can get it to the point where I have time and resources to go public. I know how to do it-mechanically, the SEC, Secretary of State, etc...I know the rules-and guidelines, I just need the financial ability to spend the time to do it...

My patience with bringing content, Controlled content, to individuals of the earth is warranted by the sheer need for connectivity and purpose.

When I begin to think it's not going to work, I must remember the motto:

I feel the from "between the ears and behind the eyes" (Thank you to Christine Taylor, fellow/friend/twitter-er at: http://twitter.com/mousewords.)

I would also like to thank Christine Taylor for putting up the headline quote from Plato. It is this sort of transitional knowledge that is the fodder jesseloop.blogspot.com's Controlled content lives on; life depends on it. The impression of impressionistic peoples, who make an impression. You know, of all the Controlled content writers, I think my writing is the worst. It is at best, the most unusual and, if you take the time to consider it, either fabulously inferior or superbly lame. I suppose it could be just the opposite, as well, but then, that woud be all backwards. Unless you turned it around...hehe...now, which way was up, again?


In addition to having posted a wonderful snippet of inspirational, albeit trinitar-ilianly centric, sentiment on the fabulousness of the empire we humans have described as the universe. Her exquisite writing and choice words help to begin to capture the sensationalism of the night sky. http://mousewords.wordpress.com/2008/01/13/night-of-stars/ is a truly wonderful piece. Christine Taylor should be writing for terraverse@gmail.com. This is exactly the sort of Controlled content we want to offer.

The reason for Controlled content is not to keep it solitary and off the path of the common user, but instead to open the doors of mouth-to-mouth, or in today's age, web2.0-to-web2.0 user-to-user communication. I think of having a way for a donor to share their access with anyone that isn't able to donate but wants to read anyway. It will be a sponsorship solution...details still in my head but...it'll come.

Despite the differences we all have in our personal way of looking at things, in our understanding of our place in time and space, and in the way that we view the internal and the external, we must see the benefit to Controlled content.

It will allow us to not only find the worth and the value in what has many, many drawbacks, but it will allow us to share the worth and value with those who need it the most.

"We can shape this world, if you would only show us how...your life is now..." -Mellencamp.

I view and you view. The way we view is editorialized by the way we think. Great philosophy, education and human development are intrinsic to the editorialization of each human. The disparity among each human is like swimming across the pond for coffee. You just wouldn't do it, if you could do it another way, would you?


Demonstrative of how one person can involve the right person? We'll challenge the associations of association in further posts. I do expect resistance, however, I will not let it push against me, I am undaunted in my approach to doing things my way. However, whenever I deem it necessary, I'd really like to find few good guymens (add post on version of Gaimen's last name, attrib to night with Chaundra (sp?) and Antoiné).


http://twitter.com/melissamaples Reading up about the philosophy behind Qi Gong


I can see confusion regarding the outcome of this occurance. Ok, that's not a lot unlike the rest of life, sure, however, in this case, a lot of life for the upper crust (including myself) could possibly be affected by the confusion.
It is the effect on ourselves we should concern ourselves with.

Both Vince and Tamar say so much in their posts. It would be silly to argue with them. That said, I'm a fan of silliness, but still just can't muster an argument. Alas, perhaps Bank of America will soon control both-what could go wrong? I actually figured out a way to get Bofa's VP to contact me, too...all I had to do was quit paying my e-bill. Reminds me, I need to write her back.

A year since this occurance will pass soon, and where do we stand today? I think I'll go reseach it, on google, of course.
After that, I think I'll write a book on my research and sell it, on ebay, of course. You can buy it, too...through... :) (Insert google chechout or ebay/paypal here, of course.) Controlled content.


Tonight's highlights...as reviewed by Controlled content.

http://twitter.com/TheFemGeek. @jjmac What a great idea. Too bad I keep postponing doing it

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mousewords said...

I really can't begin to tell you how your words have honored me. Thank you so much.

And in exchange, I have to tell you that even though I just discovered your blog the other day, it inspires me to deeper thinking every time I read it. And that's "fabulously superb" if you ask me. :-);-)

fund this cause-because...