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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fantastic day/best of...

"Intriguing. I’ve watched several of Obama’s speeches on YouTube - the incredible part is how popular his videos are. Most political videos don’t get many views, but Obama’s videos - wow."
From twitter stream of a twitter user whose page I cannot access now...attribution incomplete but that's the gist of it...

The rest of this is reposted from various sources, in addition to my writing...it is recommended to visit the link, read the post, then click on the "back" button of your browser to read the response. This way you will get to read two authors for the price of one...and become more informed and smarter, and hopefully, inspired.

I read a blog on myspace-and then responded to it:

You know, I almost deleted you from my friend list the other day. I was nearly ready to completely stop using myspace because it had caused me to feel like i was involved in drama. Strangely enough, I have myspace to keep in touch with my family (CA and AZ) which, really, since i'm bad about writing to them, all it does is make me feel closer to them, so therefore, because I want to feel closer to them, I didn't take down my site. But those are the people I actually communicate with less than anyone else. Seems like I end up more with the random people I know from...well...however it is we connect with random people.
I did totally change the site and the way I use it, though. But, the internet is a part of my life and I, like you, blog about life, although, I sometimes use real life to write fiction, and the other way around, too. But mostly, most of the things I write, like this note, are just part of the life I have going right now.
I'm really glad now that I have read your blog and think I'm starting to see more of how you present yourself that I did not delete you (wasn't just I was going to delete, either, I'm not aiming this at you in that way, I was about to clear off a bunch of people that I felt I wouldn't have much in common with...just goes to show you don't know what you have in common with someone until you really take the time to try to understand them).
Suddenly you post this blog and I realize how much we have in common. I noticed that you are very passionate about life. Also that you are a really good writer, you use words well even when you're writing something, so to speak, right off the top of your head. These things are written way different than something like a business letter or something you write and review and write and review, etc...it's more train of thought, which is the writing I like the best-my own as well as that of others. Also, also, you are taking a look at yourself and thinking deeply about who you are and who you want to be. This is something very special in my book. Lately I've been looking deeply at myself and what it is I really want to be, how I want to act, and who I want to associate with. I've been trying to focus on the things that will help me, when I look back, you know...don't stop doing that. Personal growth adds to the health of the spirit; the healthier the spirit the better the condition of the mind, and the better the condition of the mind, the better the quality of the mortal life...it gets deep...but anyway.
Another "also" is that today I was just thinking of - how could she. You see, my daughter's mother has, it seems like to me, completely forgotten the bond a parent should have with their child. The whole story is rather long-but I'll share it with you sometime...perhaps.
The short part is, once we split up I had to track my kid down and go and get her from a relative of her mother's where she'd been basically abandoned. I had wanted custody, but she won.
I couldn't do it-couldn't go to the court and tell them she was not going to be a good parent because of her addictions...I could have, I could have "won" in court-but I would have had to publicly shown my child's mother as a monster, and I wasn't down with what that might make my child think of me in the long run...I knew from day one she was mine, and she changed my life, and I knew I was going to be there for her whether she was dragged back to LA or not...I didn't need to win, I tried to win in court just on the fact that I would be a better caregiver, but being male, that's not enough. To win in court, as a man, you have to show the woman is totally worthless-imagine how that would go over with your kid when/if they ever found out? It's was a really tough choice at the time.
So she won, then took our kid 2400 miles away and left her for three months with an aunt. I got a call, saying, hey, can you come get your kid...I was there the next day. A year went by, no word from "mom" so I held a quiet hearing, and without any fanfare, finally got full custody. So it worked out, she's lived with me ever since, and since then, I've never received one dime of child support. My kid's mom has hardly ever sent a letter, or card, or anything...there've been a few things...but nothing substantial and nothing regular. The last email was months ago, even. Really, in the last 12 years, she's only had very minimal contact with her mom. I think it's sad. But it is the way it is, and my daughter (anyone we both know will back me up on this) is a superb person.
You can do this, even if he cuts out totally, it happens, it is sad, it is a shame, it is totally irresponsible, but even if it happens, you'll be ok and your kids will be ok. You are all they need to become the independant, smart, bold, strong and productive people you want them to be. Trust me, your writing shows I'm right, as long as you remain an optimist.
Sorry to go on and on like this on your blog, but I am not really all that private of a person because I believe "our" (collectively) stories will help others-I like seeing you share your life so that I can share mine so that others who are out there who need to read it can, when they need to.
See, this is how I think life works. Things happen to us as we need them to happen to us.
Some people say I'm just an optimist, but I think it's deeper than that. First, if a person isn't an optimist then they might as well just give up, and second, life is a complex thing that has purpose that is beyond what humans can comprehend-all we can do is try to understand what we can understand...some call it God, you know, but there are so many people out there using God for so many wrong things that it makes it hard for me to publicly attach to their concepts of "God." In other words, I'll call it IT, you know, but not God, because if I call it God, someone will see me as though I'm going along with the same people who show huge signs of dead, bloody fetuses to kids in passing cars, or punish young adults with guilt and scripture (misused) to drive a message of fear and shame, and I won't be a part of that-at all, so those people have ruined the word "God," but they have not, nor can they ever, ruin the spirit of a great spirit. Do you know what the word "spirit" means, really? Think about it...there is no way to really describe what a "spirit" is-because it is, by definition, everything we can't understand, basically. It's "all that," so to speak, that we can't know while we are mortal spirits-we can try to learn it, and try to see it, and we can get an idea of what it is, but to really KNOW spirit, not going to happen (although reading up on really smart folks who can teach us about it is fascinating, I think...another story, there though).
We can understand the greatness of it, we can comprehend how amazing something we can't really understand is, but we can't really know what it is. I'm beginning to repeat myself but I think to really explain something this complicated takes a bit of repeating. To say it correctly, and in a way that is clear, when talking about something that can't be explained...well, it's hard to do as you'd imagine it would be.
So listen, if you start getting down and needing a little bit of extra support you can call me, or call one of your friends, or pray, or meditate, or see a therapist, or...whatever...
OR- you can just reread what someone I met randomly once wrote, "though it won't be easy and there will be times I want to give up, we will succeed!" That should do it.
Keep your chin up, kid.

And also did the same on TeresaCentric™:
jesse Your comment is awaiting moderation. January 31st, 2008 6:56 pm

Yes! I’m so glad to see you promoting my personal soapbox of the day. Thank you.You see, I can’t understand why we, as citizens, want and expect our elected officials to work together while they are in office, yet we aren’t willing to do the same, or so it seems…Whenever something important happens in D.C. and you hear, “both sides of the isle are on board here, etc” blah blah, but you know what I’m talking about….we are happy and we say, “see how great it is when we work together…”Then, here comes an election and WTH happens? Bickering, fighting, spewing…ok, I mean, I understand the two party system, this is going to be inherent, but still…as citizens, doesn’t it seem like we can, especially in the age of web 2.0, figure out a common ground and say, hey, here we are, let’s work together to get the best person in office, then work together to make the world the best world it can be…equality and justice are the themes, right?

Perhaps I’m just too optimistic and too naive, but I think that what I am, rather, is visionary and that what we need is to get the message out that it will be ok to work together and basically, take it four years at a time….Sure…it is a message of hope, sure it’s just me going off about what I see as best for the people of the world, but isn’t that also what the world wants? Who wants a world full of death and war and crime and drug abuse Inot use, abuse, two separate issues) and poverty and all of that…? Huh? who are they? Are they going to speak up? NO.

Who are the extremists? Who are those that would prefer “theirs” only, as opposed to ours? The most likely candidates are facist zealots…and where do they tend to lie, demographically? Please those of you in the middle, and on the middle right…give four years a chance. Do not let the chance that a zealot or facist will lead this “free world” for another four years…eight years has been long enough…contact me via my blog or twitter.com/jesatiu for questions, comments and discourse.
@jesatiu aka jesse loop



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I was about 20 and living in LA...

this story is just written off-hand so as to kinda honor an online friend of mine who has been being very patient with someone and just waiting it out, seeing how it goes...you know, O how she just digs this dude and gets all "school-girl" when she knows she's gonna get to hang with him and stuff, like, basically she's uh...proving me wrong on the myspace.com/jesatiu blog where I state nobody has any passion on myspace anymore...she does...she's living with passion and you all know how I feel about that (read Fire and Passion blog on myspace.com/jesatiu re: Calvin Mackie if you need to brush up on it)...we need to be getting serious about what our passions are and what will happen if we continue having the wrong kind of passion and being passionate about the wrong things...but that's my soapbox and this is just a story...so read on...

I'd been there working and doing good for a few years, about three...and i worked with McCaffrey construction, who had projects all around the east side of palmdale...so as it turns out, the basic place to eat lunch on the east side of palmdale (visualize raw desert everywhere except where we were building houses) turned out to be "carol's cafe." (The original one, the second shop in Littlerock opened right after I met Wanda.)
Well, this waitress Wanda worked there. And she was a flirt and good at her job and didn't talk a lot about herself but it was known that she was with this guy and all, for a long time they'd been together, his name was Bobby, he'd later come after me with a knife and a crow bar once in her driveway but that was way on down the road from the days of Carol's Cafe on the corner of Hwy 138 and, I think it's Avenue "P."
So long story short I mean, Wanda and I were about the same age and she was attractive so naturally we did kinda hit it off, and of course, being young and single, especially until I heard about Bobby, I was pretty much hitting on her daily, whenever we'd go for lunch at Carol's.
Well time went by and Carol opened up the shop in Littlerock, which is where I lived at the time...and Carol had three very attractive daughters, who all lived in Littlerock and worked at least now and then at the Cafe...basically I'm just saying, it had a culture, you know...lot of regulars (many Lockheed and Edwards AFB employees live in Littlerock, but it's very small and you know...just a little town)...so anyway, I started hangin' out there a lot, worked on the side on Carol's rental properties and there were several other regulars, kinda like a combo between a ragged-friends/Cheers type of deal...
So Littlerock is full of many regulars, or perhaps irregulars, and many of them had abuse problems from an over-abundance of meth and rock coke, but we managed everyone fairly well...
My one friend who had kids my age who worked with my mom at the liquor store lived right across the street from Carol's too...and it's been in a couple movies...I don't remember the titles, back then movie sets in our area didn't really surprise us much...I just remember a few times when we'd get our coffee or iced tea moved for a shoot...
So after several years of hitting on Wanda to the point of where I really honestly thought it was just a game that we played (a year or so of this time I was dating Lissette Pelley from England, a nanny living on a work permit, whew, those trips to immigration in LA are something, let me tell you, sorry, that's another story)...
Where was I...yeah...so this one night, I really remember it too, I am going on about taking Wanda to a movie, I mean, hell, I didn't even know if she was actually listening, I was pretty much talking to the guy on at the counter next to me, really...it was so much of a joke by then, that everyone knew it was just our "thing" that we did...like...I don't know...just teasing between old friends...
So yeah...I say, ok...something like, "ok, Wanda and I will be back in a couple hours, we're going to see...so and so movie...and uh...hey Gerry, you're in charge while we're out, we'll be back to close up," haha, you know...
And i walk outside, getting something from my truck or about to leave or something...and here comes Wanda out the door behind me..."ok, let's go."
Huh? yeah...I was like..."what?"
She was saying...you know...Bobby's an ass (which he really was, everyone knew he treated her like total crap) and so ok...like...I finally won something I didn't even know I was playing for...
So over the next few weeks we ran around together and stuff...and had a fairly good time, but she couldn't quite let him go (it go, really) and we were in her house that one time when he came by all strung out and it almost got pretty severe but we both lunged at each other a few times and he realized despite his knife and crowbar (which he took out of her Toyota, a black Celica, but was mine) and was like...you know how crazy people get-she's mine and I found your crowbar and I'm keeping it and blah blah...so I was like, she's not your dog and she'll do what she wants and your an asshole, etc...and left before I got killed, basically...
Well...I guess the point is, oh, and yeah, Wanda, last time I was in LA, was seeing a guy with a kid and they were totally cool and looking like a great couple, so good for her...wonder where she is now...huh, that's a first in a long time...wow.
And Lissette, too...once she went back to England it was like she fell off the earth...wild girl there...man...but good person.
So I guess that moral is...again...well...patience? perhaps...not giving up? kinda...but not really...um...just...you never can tell what life will send your way whenever it wants to...and was it, "worth waiting for?" Well, sure...I mean, look at the story it makes...Wasn't what I thought it would be, of course, but it was and is a story of a girl, who did cry a river of tears, but also figured out a move for herself that worked in the long run...(two song references there...).
So that's the story of Wanda-circa my days as a Dj and carpenter in LA county.

::! jesse loop can be reached for comment on this article or for publication in a journal or other media outlet via email at:
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dedicated to knowing what we don't know...

In response to the fabulously informative new media found at:


I have a blog entry written for today: (Also posted as a comment on the aforementioned blog.)

Therein lies a tremendous amount of energy and misplaced hatred, irrational behaviours, and utter indecency...wherein? In the affairs of the fate of humans. No person, man or woman, can be in the interior of any other singular and sole human. To pretend to be able to "put one in another's shoes" is merely too present oneself as a foolish antagonist.
However, to find compassion and likeness and comparative spirit with other humans is to reveal the true nature of the intention of the human object, as well as the nature of the human objective.
How ridiculous our differences of cultural manifesto will seem one day when, in years from now, others realize just how intricately attached to our nurturing we were. How pale and narrow. The thoughts and rituals we spread and bestowed from one to one another, so childishly simple and lame. Like the donkey that only knows of its death, and only living for death, it gives nothing to its kind, and in return, nothing to it is reciprocated. It fears the loss of its existence so much so that it is its own demise.
Be forewarned, fellows, when we disallow the natural order of person, taking it from one person so as to place it within the boundaries of another person, we settle into a realm of misconstrued waste. When, in retrospect, we see ourselves as we are truly meant to be seen, we realize just how important it is for us to refrain from such behaviour, as to misconstrue and waste the spiritual well being and destiny of another. Meddle, meddle, and toil will ye, unto troubles of certain.
Spare free of spirit and tide thy neighboring brother and sister and being with comforts of hope, and cherish thee, and plentiful will ye find the health of thy own spirit.
Live life awake, aware and alive- and remember, simplicity of three-live life free.

Natalie, you are an angel among us, for gifted with the scribe of truth and the decency of the unknown, you've seen the truth behind the...not lies (at least not wholly), but, rather, untruths.
You have begun the journey that breaks down centuries old demise, and opens new horizons for the advancement of the species. With the wisdom of knowledge unknown, you've set forward a quest. There is no way to reach this end, for it isn't a place or a time, it is an occurrence. There is, though, an expressly viable way to be this end…or rather, this…occurrence.
Graciously, your avant-guard is that you are avant-guard...a guardian in faith of the species. An artist in the art of proper and purposeful survival, whose purpose and dedication is ”active in the invention and application of new techniques in a given field...”
The techniques are as you’ve set them out above, and the field is the nature of human progression. All too often we think of ourselves as near an end. These thoughts are formed from a stem, derived from our mortality, in as much as we perceive our own life. This thought pattern is one which is not altogether cohesive with our relation to actuality.
You see, in reality, we exist before and after our birth and life, in whatever forms we care to take, of which I can specify but will not, for brevity’s sake. And in such terms, we find, with the knowledge hereto discussed, that we find very many of our fellow spirits choosing to meddle into the affairs of the perception of life which is solely a perception of life that they have been predeterminately disposed to forming by their own cultural nurturing. Shortly, we can say, it is not a life that is lost, in reality, as that life is a life regardless of our perceiving that life as being similar to our own sense of what a life is.
Now, this is all very well discussed and such, as to where if taken statement by statement and claim by claim, it would suffice to uphold its own merit. What it does, in those terms, then, is to answer the question of how a person who is a certain “kind” of person can decide to act as though that person were a person of a different “kind.” When really, that person is the same as the others, once they realize how similar they are to the aforementioned person (you, in this example). What we can also accomplish, by seeing your example followed, and by utilizing the virtues of compassion and hope, as opposed to those non-virtuous actions, such as depicting embryonic destruction, using guilt, shame and fear as icons of a fight that includes nastiness and ridicule as a tortuous form of motivation to conform to the meddling of another two spirits, is love. Thank you for the forum. Readers: please, donate or contact me for ways to help.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

at warp speed-learn from past, live in future.

I can repost someone’s blog that will completely relate two of my most recent posts together. How cool…and connected…
I will redirect you to both comments I’ve authored lately which combine with my twitter stream (which are, admittedly, loaded with support as I’ve just openly adopted Obama as my choice for president) to be my entry for Jan. 24 and Jan 25, 2008.
I’d already written in response to the
payment for services and new media on a businessweek site, and also in regard to the direction a social network site needs to consider.
Both of these topics are introduced in the following excerpt: Please read this excerpt and then visit both links to review my comments, and please, donate before you go, thank you. ---------------------------

From: http://eloquation.com/

Twitter doesn’t charge individuals for sending or receiving messages. In order to provide global messaging, Twitter negotiates with mobile operators and their representatives around the world for reasonable SMS fees. We do this so that folks can use Twitter in as many countries as possible. Until agreements are in place, however, we need to put in limits on the number of messages received per person. -twitter staff

The problem with that message is the first sentence: if Twitter doesn’t charge individuals for sending or receiving messages, maybe it should. I’d recommend keeping the 250 message limit for free users, and letting heavy SMS users pay a monthly fee for all the extra messages they will be sending and receiving over the month. Sounds simple to me.

I’d probably pay a bit extra for some uptime assurances as well — we all know Twitter has the reputation for being a bit finicky at times.

I will pay for what I use

The conclusion is simple: if I’m getting value out of a product or service, I’m more likely to support that same product or service financially. And I’m not the only one.

Again, I think what we see here is the trend to need to realize demonstrable desire and want, and attach a valid currency-so easy to discuss…please, comment…and please, if able, terraverse-writ for world needs your donations…we have our own desires and directions - and those of you who’ve donated, thank you immensely…----------------------



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

don't forget this when you sign your 10/40, see...

hey yo...heya...thank ya...bout to change your view see...that said...bout to start this out with something funny see...cause then the rest is gonna be way too damn real...but you're readin' and sayin...yo...whoa...really is this it, like this, yeah...it's like that........so check this shit...out...yo G...

a real sign from NYC an KFC:

hehe...i got ur bitch hangin'...
Tupac...Money B - and Shock G..."when you learn, baby doll, ya can't tie me down...hey yo Shock, let them hoes know...just 'cause i'm a freak don't mean we can hit the sheets...see, weekends was made for Michelob, but it's a Monday...so just lemme hit it...so long as you know...round an round...puhlease...
ohhh-you don't know me, you just met me, you won't let me? well if i couldn't have it, then why ya sweat me...break out or be clown, baby doll are you down..."
-disc two, track four-greatest hits.
but-if you really wanna listen to what's up...check out "changes," same disc, same day-see...ya gotta operate the easy way...i made a "G" today, but ya made it inna sleazy way...i gotta get paid...well hey, that's the way it is...it's time for us as a people to make some changes!
(damn he's talkin' bout a war in the middle east? but that was 19-90muthafckin8) what the? still? ten years later? still a war in the middle east? peace. make me wanna start back bangin' man...stone face an it's on...it's hard to imagine...revolution? i gotta formulate a caper cause light-skin ng 'a straight sufferin' from a lack of paper...

you see, the only thing today that gets me outa my depression and anxiety is thinkin' about takin' control of this bitch...done with a holy war you don't believe in? betta step up...betta say so...next one in line for death row...traveling thru the streets ina hearse...could be you-man woman and child...when the real war starts-well...if you read this then you know...someone said so...military state sound good to you? wanna see bombed buildings, rubble and everything you know destroyed like a tonka toy in a head on with a F-15? wanna see your kids growin' up livin' life twisted-imagine your lil girl layin' face down, bleeded out a rip, with her arm stickin outa her hip...imagine your lil boy with pieces in the living room and the bathroom...see, it's blood and destruction you won't look at on tv, not on NBC...'cause some dude in the house said the people don't need to know...where it is they money really go...wanna see...another man dead in a war zone-wanna see the tears when another mom sees her boy-gone.
get up and get busy-time to get to the scene...another military state? another 3 billion spreading hate....we are the minority and one day we'll see and we'll be...desperate to go back, to rewind this track...listen to the leaders of your time...what is the message-do you wanna pay for they crime?
you gonna sit and realize someday, this motha was for real...thug life, boy...when you can't get a drink and you got nothin to heat your home and you realize it's the mistakes of the past you live with in the future-then you'll see the lies...then you'll come through...past the gates and say...mr. angel man...didn't I do it right...didn't i stop the fight...or did i sit by idle and watchin'...the bombs of death droppin'...flyin' through the mid east skies...paid for...by me, on my ten-forty...that's right people, it's tax time-guess where you money is goin'?
to pay for death...another cause you funded...another man in a turban didn't do nothing but wanna pray his way...another woman and child left in rubble and blood...paid for by you and your contribution...way to go...thank you...thank you yourself...when you sign your 10/40...sign your certificate...to hell...paid for by me...'cause i done see...now ain't no way not to know...not to go...back ain't an option...get it together now...for your eternity is at stake. on this day-the day after we praise the reverend Martin K, man i just gotta say...someday-we'll see the day...when the people are judged not for the color of their skin, or for the way they pray to the same damn God you say you pray to too...but for they character...and judged you'll be...not by the poetic justice, but by the action did, and the action you didn't did...you see, when you give the leaders you elect the money, it's your responibility, that's the key, so close your eyes...look away...maybe you won't even see it comin'....maybe...but you really think it's so...i think you see it an you know it and you gonna act surprised...but in a way, you gonna think....damn...i had a shot, a chance...coulda listened to some crazy man...livin' in the snow...and goin' slow...down the tubes of the path to hell...one single US dollar at a time...and a fed cut rate ain't gonna help you see how you mistook reality for religion...and how you did it again...and again...ten years gone...money spent to set it up...and leave it hangin' like...the ten...comandments you know...and the philosophy of leaders great and new...to which you owe the reality of this misery...the misery you are gonna know...unless you get with it and get it goin' straight up-right on through...like death and life-only the real two...things you better think about yo...maybe what we need see...just-a-crazy man...hey...i gotta go...peace.
Obama '08. end of message-back to your regularly scheduled programmin'. (oh, and go email a few dollars to me, i need it)...visit: to keep going... or just click here to email me a few dollars...lastly-if you would like to make a difference...(this post was originally a http://myspace.com/jesatiu bulletin) click reply, copy ALL of the code and then paste it into a new bulletin. that way, anyone on your friends list that is not on my friends list will also have a chance to read and forward it and then...soon...it'll go worldwide and it'll make me wrong. Trust me-I wouldn't mind being wrong...but...what if I'm NOT? just do it...your action...it's what'll make the difference between me being right, and me being wrong...PROVE ME WRONG. peace.~!jesatiu

Thursday, January 17, 2008

tap into the singing of complete heart whispers...

tag: social media adventures unlimited by Controlled content listing limits.

"tap into the social media revolution..." (courtesy socialmedia.com)

Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. ~Plato (courtesy Christine Taylor)

This notation is based on the following site reference:
This comes to me from the http://www.socialmedia.com/ homepage, accessed through the list of the latest companies working under the funding and direction of softvc, http://www.softtechvc.com/index.html

Perspective on web2.0 excitement...where does it belong?

I've been asking around and trying to keep perspective on the excitement around web2.0, yet replies are not coming in terribly quickly as of yet. Perhaps expanding my following and followers is of utmost importance. UPDATE: I did expand my following to include nearly 2k twitterers. I have had several follow back, to them: a collective "thanks, you."
There was a drawback to expanding my following in this manner, which was, basically, done with reckless abandon. The downside, as it turns out, is that I needed to make a separate twitter ID to use to update my family and close friends...the amount of uupdates alone on the @jesatiu account, as well as what some people say, just makes it necessary to have a "personal" as well as a "business" twitter account (rather, a research account-better term than business).

I realize to have the jesseloop.blogspot.com site down for this interim period isn't the most exciting part of my day, but i do think that in terms of a long-term project, where the mix of photojournalism and social connectivity arrive, there will be sunnier days ahead. UPDATE: blog is back up and publicly viewable-still no way to accept donations but I promise to get to that very soon...UPDATE update: PAYPAL functional! what this means is that you can now send me a couple dollars, even just one or two bucks each, or even thousands, if you are the kind of person able and willing to do so, and become a sponsor of my writing (again, it's not so much my writing I'm trying to push, but what I'd do with your donations).
I really look forward to comments and if possible, enough revenue to allow me to actually make this a decent blog-as for now there will be no charge for any of the content-it will all be publically viewable, it's just that now you can donate to this cause-because...
If you do donate-you can do so annonymously, of course, but, I would prefer if you did so publically and added comments regarding why you chose to fund terraverse-writ for the world. I'm very interested in your share of this adventure. If you donate non-annonymously I will provide you with a certificate that will act as a share in the revenue stream-if we can get it to the point where I have time and resources to go public. I know how to do it-mechanically, the SEC, Secretary of State, etc...I know the rules-and guidelines, I just need the financial ability to spend the time to do it...

My patience with bringing content, Controlled content, to individuals of the earth is warranted by the sheer need for connectivity and purpose.

When I begin to think it's not going to work, I must remember the motto:

I feel the from "between the ears and behind the eyes" (Thank you to Christine Taylor, fellow/friend/twitter-er at: http://twitter.com/mousewords.)

I would also like to thank Christine Taylor for putting up the headline quote from Plato. It is this sort of transitional knowledge that is the fodder jesseloop.blogspot.com's Controlled content lives on; life depends on it. The impression of impressionistic peoples, who make an impression. You know, of all the Controlled content writers, I think my writing is the worst. It is at best, the most unusual and, if you take the time to consider it, either fabulously inferior or superbly lame. I suppose it could be just the opposite, as well, but then, that woud be all backwards. Unless you turned it around...hehe...now, which way was up, again?


In addition to having posted a wonderful snippet of inspirational, albeit trinitar-ilianly centric, sentiment on the fabulousness of the empire we humans have described as the universe. Her exquisite writing and choice words help to begin to capture the sensationalism of the night sky. http://mousewords.wordpress.com/2008/01/13/night-of-stars/ is a truly wonderful piece. Christine Taylor should be writing for terraverse@gmail.com. This is exactly the sort of Controlled content we want to offer.

The reason for Controlled content is not to keep it solitary and off the path of the common user, but instead to open the doors of mouth-to-mouth, or in today's age, web2.0-to-web2.0 user-to-user communication. I think of having a way for a donor to share their access with anyone that isn't able to donate but wants to read anyway. It will be a sponsorship solution...details still in my head but...it'll come.

Despite the differences we all have in our personal way of looking at things, in our understanding of our place in time and space, and in the way that we view the internal and the external, we must see the benefit to Controlled content.

It will allow us to not only find the worth and the value in what has many, many drawbacks, but it will allow us to share the worth and value with those who need it the most.

"We can shape this world, if you would only show us how...your life is now..." -Mellencamp.

I view and you view. The way we view is editorialized by the way we think. Great philosophy, education and human development are intrinsic to the editorialization of each human. The disparity among each human is like swimming across the pond for coffee. You just wouldn't do it, if you could do it another way, would you?


Demonstrative of how one person can involve the right person? We'll challenge the associations of association in further posts. I do expect resistance, however, I will not let it push against me, I am undaunted in my approach to doing things my way. However, whenever I deem it necessary, I'd really like to find few good guymens (add post on version of Gaimen's last name, attrib to night with Chaundra (sp?) and Antoiné).


http://twitter.com/melissamaples Reading up about the philosophy behind Qi Gong


I can see confusion regarding the outcome of this occurance. Ok, that's not a lot unlike the rest of life, sure, however, in this case, a lot of life for the upper crust (including myself) could possibly be affected by the confusion.
It is the effect on ourselves we should concern ourselves with.

Both Vince and Tamar say so much in their posts. It would be silly to argue with them. That said, I'm a fan of silliness, but still just can't muster an argument. Alas, perhaps Bank of America will soon control both-what could go wrong? I actually figured out a way to get Bofa's VP to contact me, too...all I had to do was quit paying my e-bill. Reminds me, I need to write her back.

A year since this occurance will pass soon, and where do we stand today? I think I'll go reseach it, on google, of course.
After that, I think I'll write a book on my research and sell it, on ebay, of course. You can buy it, too...through... :) (Insert google chechout or ebay/paypal here, of course.) Controlled content.


Tonight's highlights...as reviewed by Controlled content.

http://twitter.com/TheFemGeek. @jjmac What a great idea. Too bad I keep postponing doing it

Great things in smaller humans-And small humans in great things.

Variety of current topics discussed in thread of daily activity, includes notable quotes and links for the day...

Arrived home today to find that my daughter had done what she should have done and bussed the dishes and counter in our spacious kitchen/living area. She has done her homework and gone off to bed after getting a little laundry ready. Once I’ve actually installed the washer dryer in the hall where it goes this is going to be fairly easy…depending on my perspective, you know…

So, I turned my thoughts to her and then thought of her sister, with whom I’ve eaten lunch this afternoon.

She’s so bright-when she put on my hat I had to photograph it, good thing this four-year-old Nokia “candybar” style 3220 I’ve got still pulls out a pic now and then…night mode doesn’t work, but a few of the really awful things it was doing after being left in the rain that one time, oh wait, that was after it had also fallen from the car-breaking the screen (I was able to ebay replace that myself, dry the water damage with heat lamps and get that sucker back up and running, though). Getting it back up and usable turned out to work perfectly as well. The replacement one (identical, of course, how do you think I got the “new” screen?) was damaged shortly after going into service.

Well yeah, I love putting technology together, I really do. But when it works against me though…well those are the off days.

I have them. I mean I have days when electrons and particles just won’t deal with me. I suppose it’s those days that I…”diverge from normal” as I’ve stated…but I mean, when you can’t get this that or anything to work! You know…when it all fails? Ok like…when “stuff” isn’t stuff it’s…well…just there ‘cause it don’t work no more?...

Ok I have to explain what a phone is when it has no way of working and it becomes no longer a phone anymore-but rather a nonphone, but I really want to talk about my younger kid again…so I’ll explain later.

She likes things her way.

Some might call her…oh, I don’t know…pushy, or something (evil, that, was said once-she was compared to Evil Betty as we refer to my grandmother now…man it hurt when evil Betty finally died except she was one of those nursing home bound ones by then and what really hurt was when she stopped being evil Betty, you know? Years before she actually passed. We had some damn good times.).

So pushy kid is demanding water and salsa and all, except she really wasn’t being pushy; just assertive.

I loved it. And we so enjoyed lunch. Her digging for the one penny I had in my coat pocket and helping open my new books. Man did she tear into that quesadilla to get to the bread…and she a skinny girl, too. I think really she just didn’t care fore the cilantro, it was sooo good, I can eat cilantro plain by the handful-stuff is good.

Ohhh yeah…187.00 for something that’s already online and you get both? C’mon people…Chez Nous can go to pieces for all I care. I’m sorry guys, I know you gotta make a living too and all but I don’t see the breakdown-oh wait-shareholders...oh…yeah? really? Oh they do? Demanding? Oh ok…well…yeah I’ll quit bitching. I love the way you totally discombobulated the entire learning French experience here, but C’est la vie-is just my review.

SOOO I have hot tea, am going to eat some potatoes and hook you up with a few cool quotes and links of the day and call it a day…

I swear I won’t talk of textbooks for long, BUT I do know some of the answers one of you seeks. Or, at least I can see in the 17th direction that you are tying into the largest, most hungriest, most dominant group to ever read a magazine or buy a textbook. At least on record that we can actually prove.

I access my 180.00 content on a site linked through my collaborative learning site.

It’s url is: https://oncourse.iu.edu/portal. You won't be able to access without proper credentials.

You know, before we get to the links for the textbook topics that are of interest to those of you who have interest in magazine readership, I think I’ll talk about…skeery, huh? You don’t know what’ll come out next…

Ok ok…

I think I’ve met a million people. I’ve heard a record called 60,000,000 Buffalo once, that I’m certain and positive about, but I really think I’ve met or came into contact with over a million of you others. Just a personal thought I had when someone asked me if I’d heard of various ways of meeting people…I wasn’t in their head so I’m not sure what they thought that made them to think that they’d ask me that, the person who has traveled across this country and through this country every single way that people move themselves about (planes-roughly 40 trips-not much to bus travs but just as a kid, back then, that was something) (trains-yeah four/five times, if you count going up the west coast…and subways and such) (and-autos and hitchhiking and driving and walking and generally going throught the world, as Yung would say…) anyway, All I’m saying is that I know what I’m talking about whenever I do.

Buzzy says, “you might just say what you mean if you ever learn to mean what you say,” or something like that…I’ll just post the song for you to listen too (parts of)…

Ok done. On to textbooks and the online presence and transition…I know many of you know what the TRANSITION word is all about…as do I…as do I…

Oh, and I also realized I missed a question posed on a blog the other day (see response to when did you start blogging). I said I was a newbie and I am not up there with some of the greats that really are out there today, but I have been working on this for a while. I do a lot less news (*well survival, physical and emotional/spiritual are kinda like news…but yeah). Which is to say I don’t do any hard news, unless it’s reposted. I do do human though, and I do write/blog and have been doing it for several years now…I’ve kept up enough to play a little catch-up here and be right up to now where everyone else is…that’s one of the most interesting things about technology’s aspects and attributes-we are living in it now in the present and those at the top can be caught by any of the rest of us that are in the chase too. Not that we will, but we could, theoretically, because we “newbies” and “amateurs” as I like to call us, live in the same era as do the real pros.

In contrast, for example, a while back if someone was involved in something cutting edge, some publication or political directive they were authoring or advancement to physics or philosophy or math or astronomy, or music (we can add in names, Mozart, Franklin, Nietzsche, etc…) they were kinda special, kinda one of a kind, like…but now…at least in the sphere of technology, we’re all “growing up on it,” so to speak, at the same time, er, in the same times. You get it.

So finally here’s that stuff on the textbooks. Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki on twitter) should find these of interest, at least, worth a quick click, cause that’s all there is…come back and finish the article though…please.

This follows in the vein of an article on truemors.com in which guykawasaki askes for opinion regarding a "new" technological approach to textbook learning...at least that was my take on the process...I could have it all wrong...

Elsewhere, I saw a good article via http://truemors.com/ on the new legalization efforts coming out of Oakland-and with an educational ring to them. I had wondered the other day if the DARE program would, seeing how we have so much globalization and buyouts and consolidations and all (according to the experts…oh they are? Media? Really? Well, I mean…I guess…but then…some of us are trained…) ok sorry…back at the ranch…

Where were we….ew, yeah…talking about drugs and making them legal. I don’t want to go off on that, it might violate some terms I’m obligated too.

Anyway…was talking about the book at this link: Amazon.com Primal Leadership Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence Books DanielGoleman,Richard E. Boyatzis,Annie McKee, which is about leading and leadership in the current day and age...I would like to read the book if someone could donante the 11.00 that would be great. I really appreciate if you are able to do things like that now and then.

Felt an interest in the article from truemors.com:
Permanent Link to School of Pot

MikeToner @jesatiu Are you referring to the FEC chairman? The book reference is really not necessarily a suggested read; I have not actually read it from web in reply to jesatiu

@cartwright very sweet to say "brave" but i love heights & freefall, so for me it was cheating. brave = facing fears. i'm "eh" at that. from web in reply to Cartwright
Raw footage of a flying nut: http://is.gd/Iw And of other folks who actually know what they are doing: http://is.gd/Iv from web
Poigspam: Dearest One, I am writting this letter with due respect and heartful of tears since we have not known or met ourselves previously from web
@megfowler VERY nicely put. from web in reply to megfowler

Further, I would like to offer these links just for fun-although if you have been following Jim Long's article on freedom of speech and have thought about how we have tons of it, and thereby have a huge need to protect it, as well as having thought about how it is related to freedom of privacy, then these links may be your thing...
Permanent Link to Ex-Congressman Charged in Terror Conspiracy
Lawmaker CIA tape destruction unauthorized - Security- msnbc.com
Permanent Link to Rosie O’Donnell Compares Britney Spears to Princess Di

This last one sort of doesn't belong with the two previous, unless we discuss how a breakdown in freedoms could result in a breakdown in pur ability to create the power we need to make the technology we depend on work. This isn't, at least not yet, a complete threat, as we still retain some lore and ability to survive without technology, but in a couple decades or so, it could become an issue.
Permanent Link to 20 Signs That Technology Rules Your Life

TWITTER LINKS (also added to left side, probably):
Twitter - MikeToner
Twitter - Pistachio
Twitter - twitterofalex
note, this one is my profile:
Twitter - people search

I’m thinking about starting a new series, too, and podcasting it, as well, if I can garner any interest and capital. Capital is a major obstacle for me at this time. But that will come…

So the series uses my writing and your headlines. I’ll share more detail eventually.

It’ll be grand.

Lastly, really this time, here are a couple links regarding business. Pretty much just follow these two at your own risk...you never know where things will lead you.

Need funding for business venture. on Yedda - People. Sharing. Knowledge. Businesspundit
What Bullet Holes in Airplanes Can Teach You About ...

Permanent Link to How to Steal Advertisers from Magazines for Your Blog

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There's not much i won't say, but not much that i can say...

Entry for November 17, 2005

tag my mom painted the moon.

My mother painted the moon onto the night sky when I was a young child. She showed me the tides as they moved in and out on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and I realized the world is a small part of a universe that is larger than I have enough imagination to understand.

This connection to the smallness of human life was later reinforced through an introductory astronomy class in college, the difference being more of the astronomy class knowledge has been forgotten, while my personal connection to the moon remains. At times it even grows.

When I say my mother painted the moon, I mean it literally. She had an artistic talent-one not passed on to me-and used it with oil on canvas to create treasures. At least I still have those. One of my favorite paintings is of the moon shining down on a part of the California coastline known as the Rincon.
The moon is not a simple thing floating above the earth, or something my mom left behind on her canvas, or a celestial body influencing oceanic movements and behavior in animals…no, it is something I will always have to connect me with my mom. That is what is important to me.

Often, as an airport terminal kid, which is similar to a latchkey kid, except my alone time was spent between the giant silver wings of commercial jets, I traveled back and forth across the country. One parent lived in Indiana, the other in California.

When I lived in one place, I was happy to be there, but was often sad, missing the other. When I left one place, I was sad to be leaving, but happy to be going back. Between times in California, when I’d miss my mother, I’d look into the sky, see the moon, and feel comforted. As a child, she said to me, “When you look up at it, you will know it is the same moon I am looking at.”

We all live under the same sky, influenced by the same moon. The same stars shine on all of us, the same sun lights our days. Mother realized this, and having this knowledge has helped me connect to life on earth in ways I don’t think I would have otherwise done.

I have come to believe the moon facilitates a spiritual connection between humans. Friends have told me how they feel comforted by the moon. It is said the power of a full moon influences behavior among primates, people included. In my experience, during times of the full moon, people have an increased rate of insomnia, they tend to act less cautiously, and do things they might not otherwise do. I cannot explain the phenomenon, but I’ve heard a lot of people make the same claims. The moon is a symbol of comfort, yet it is also seen as influencing rash behavior.

There is a lot of talk about what science has labeled the “full moon effect.” Most of the research itself is inconclusive, varying widely by scope, author and study. Some studies have shown that murder rates increase and decrease with the phases of the moon, and that animal bites are more common during the full moon. Other studies show no correlations. Inconsistency may be the only constant in these studies. Regardless, myth or fact, notions of changes in mammals based on moon phase exist.

Based simply on children’s literature, there’s actually a lot of comfort in the moon. Margaret Wise Brown’s story, Goodnight Moon, a bedtime favorite, is read by parents around the country, still, as when I was a child. In it there’s this big moon; silver, shining--powerfully comforting the young as the old lady sits, whispering hush.

Many children’s books exist that focus on the comfort of the moon. Frank Asch wrote Moonbear, where a young bear decides to do something about a moon he believes is shrinking each night. And if the moon could talk, by Kate Banks, includes the moon looking down on a child getting ready for bed.
I have always liked Eric Carle, and his moon book, Papa, please get the moon for me. His book helps settle youngsters on their way to bed. It features a parent-child-moon relationship-of-comfort.

In the end, the moon isn’t just special to me, it seems to be special to a lot of people for a variety of reasons. Of course, for me, it really is special for one specific reason.

I thank my mom for giving me a way to connect with her, because even though she died many years before she should have, and is no longer here with me, we still have the moon. I will never forget her, and it helps to think of her while I'm looking at the moon.

I know I'm right about all of this, don’t I? Or, maybe not, perhaps it’s all just lunacy. The powers of the moon really are as unpredictable as the associations people have with it. It is widely used in bedtime stories to comfort children, able to connect individuals across geographic divides, and yet, Luna, the Latin term for moon, is the root word of lunatic, lunacy, loony and other words meant to describe mental illness or disorder. Perhaps some beliefs are better left unchallenged by science. I am comforted by the moon, and I hope you are, too.

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Randomly senseless tweets of the day...

Sterkworks @nakedbard Well, you know how hard it is to find sane, decent lesbos in Utah :) 1 minute ago from web in reply to nakedbard

Monday, January 14, 2008

Top morning tweets, chatter and inspirations...

I felt inspiration from the expression of others recently. That inspiration is fueled by the other professionals from twitter.com. These individuals increase my awareness of just how incredibly quick new technology shapes and molds the environment we live in. It shapes both our personal environment, as well as our professional environment.

I have saved these tweets for further posting, partially because despite going into a bit of a personally spiritual rant (or perhaps due to), the post from twitter @mousewords seems to find its way to the heart of the matter; perhaps not in every way, but in many ways.

I authored this tweet:
what benefit to society is a social networking utility? come all of you, answer me! gimme good stuff?!?!?!?!?!?? from web

I was inspired by the included @mousewords tweets:
to expand my realization of the world and current events, or to give me an outlet for burning off some […] http://mousewords.wordpress.com/2007/12/21/what-am-i-thinking/
One of the best parts of Twitter is being able to track my thinking.

and I take notice of this tweet of mine:
I have got to be reasonably more less-twittery. Taking past to future with a vengeance for humanitarian justice! ~!jesatiu bids amigos, ty. from web.

Another twitter cuts through to what is the most important aspect of the social network phenomena, which is that we can...


Can you make right now special? Not later. Not someday. Now. What could you change?

Yes we can...but we must answer some important questions. a good way to start to explore the true value, which is my main interest other than the occasional simplicity of good converstation, is to develop the professional advantages and understand the complexiities of social networking on the level of business and commerce. Let's consider the question tweeted from twitter @elemenous, another professional in the field of blogging and social connectivity. Her blog, for reference and to add your own insight, is located at: http://macworldedubloggers.blogspot.com/

This is the question:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Same as religion resembles the struggle, and isn’t when it does not.

Powerful reflections in dichotomy

Tag I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a reason to say pack up the past…in response to “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind.

It’s the dichotomy of power.

The capital interest each human has in survival.

“for what it is, for what each of us are.”

“I’ve seen the others…”

Says author, writer…

There sits another stoned mother, situated between ridicule and angst, her bath drawn cold and mother inferior on her case. Tendencies of neglect of value reflected in the space…between the ears, behind the eyes.

And though her longing is that of mother-this feat she longs for as yet eludes. For with eternity’s blessings come delightful screams of irritation and disgust. Her long and want inspired by herself, in what it is,

And while amazing is the feature and detail afforded by gazing, we only see never what it is she sees. I’ve seen it me…I saw it in you. Very well, vault me,ski to the sky, my friend…

In you I have seen me-and in you in me I’ve seen the others…

jesatiu an impression of the president is an impression of the country. an impression of the country is an impression of the people. election soon!! about 15 hours ago from web

Controlled content copr. ~!jesseloop 2008

Special "for Kellianne" clown repost

tag twitter user podcasting special 100 word essays, and they can be quite special, johnny knoxville kinda special, special.

The wise Bart Simpson once said, "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me." We laughed at the time; we all thought it was a funny gag because really, clowns won't eat you in your sleep...The clowns prefer you awake and screaming anyway.

here's the rest of this, compliments of:



Ok what f-ed-up person was the first to think, "Yes, clowns—you know, for the kids."

Clowns are terrifying--you know, for the adults. I have never been a fan of clowns...I know, what a surprise. Clowns are evil. They are the ones that walk the night in search of victims. People are afraid of things that go bump in the night, but they should be afraid of CLOWNS! They wear make-up and lurk. I hate things that lurk. I know that I must find a way to rid us of these foul creatures. I hope that there is a cure.


The wise Bart Simpson once said, "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me." We laughed at the time; we all thought it was a funny gag because really, clowns won't eat you in your sleep. That's not very clown-like behavior at all. I certainly don't find it amusing one bit to think clowns might creep into your bedroom with fork and knife at the ready, to gobble you up while you slumber peacefully. I am quite certain there is a rule in the Clown Book of Ethics that strictly forbids such nocturnal atrocities. The clowns prefer you awake and screaming anyway.


Ever since his last trip to Arkham Asylum the Joker, that one time clown prince of crime decided to go straight. His penchant for wild inventions and gadgetry quickly made him the richest man in all of Gotham. Corporate takeovers proved even more exciting than heists and were so much more profitable. Still, he did wish he could exact vengeance on that meddlesome Batman.

When an accountant notified him of some irregularities in the recent Wayne Corps acquisition, he couldn’t help but smile even wider. Atomic cars? Helicopters? At shareholder expense? Batman was done for.


I have notice same memories are no longer connect to corporal space. I no longer remember having been at a kiddy clown show. Being the luck child called up to help with a balloon trick. The only latent image in my brain is a 8mm movie shot by my dad. Just as the balloon was growing to amazing lengths the film ran out. The last few seconds of the film turns to a orange red streak and poof I’m and he are gone. I remember being told the clown was Emmett Kelly but it probably was some other 2d clown


Most of the time I love clowns.

The orange hair, large red noses, pants 10 sizes to large, their over size shoes.

They make me laugh until my eyes squirt water like the flowers on their lapels and my voice becomes a croak.

They exhaust me.

This last few weeks I find little to laugh about.

I turn on the TV and there they are.

A full menagerie of clowns, without costumes.

They all say that we, the people, are in trouble and they are the only clowns in town that can fix US.

That's with a capitol U S


The clowns came over today. They where just on their way to Kentucky. The big boss knows who to send on an off mission, I mean, no one would suspect a clown. They always get their target and those poor bastards just don't know what hit them. Was it the little plastic hummer? Maybe it was the pennywhistle? Those are deadly. One note played the right way and all the gray staff comes running out of your ears screaming. Not this time though. This time it was that little electric hand buzzer. Gets them every time. Those clowns are good.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it's all just an act. Don't be alarmed to see this clown on his back. He'll be up again, clowning about, And when he does, let's cheer and shout.

Announced as Potato, the fainting clown,
Known one minute to be up and the next minute down.
Life, he spent quiet and shy wherever he'd dwell.
Career, he was magic except those pesky fainting spells.

You'd think and assume it tough on his heart,
But the clown kept strong from the very start.
What did him in one day in fall,
Was bad trajectory of a human cannonball.


In the good old days, people who wanted to become clowns ran away to the circus. Or so Billy Bob thought the legend went. It was a far cry from reality, now that the city put a bounty on their heads.

The bands of clowns and their midget cars involved in drive-by pie in the face incidents were now a daily happening.
The final straw was the mayor's wife being targeted as she walked down Main Street.

Billy Bob was more than glad to put his army training to work. The money from the bounty would come in handy,
now with jobs were far and few between. All he needed was one of those incidents to happen.

He knew as soon as he heard the car; he was in luck, who else but clowns would be driving like that.
With a quick click, the safety on his rifle was off. Billy Bob would be dining well tonight.

Clowns, damn those clowns!


There's an old joke where a guy who's suicidally depressed goes into a doctor's office, tells the doctor he's always miserable while everybody else is so happy.

He's tried everything – pills, booze, sex, intense shock therapy... nothing's worked.

Doctor thinks a bit, says a famous clown is in town, always brings laughter and joy wherever he performs.

Man says “I am Pagliaci.”

Doctor says “What? No, I'm thinking of Bertoli, not you. I mean, let's face it – people are laughing because you're just so awful.”

Then he gives Pagliacci his theater pass, some Zoloft, and kicks him out the door.

Download episode


fund this cause-because...