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Thursday, February 28, 2008

total annihilation of normalcy

Regarding the comment left on my post, “It’s not right to put words into another’s campaign…”

I appreciate Dan's comments, and I can see, again, McCain's strengths, as listed, in theory, would carry much merit.

Again, what I take issue with in this sentiment (that of the author of the article from townhall.com), and what I think is missed in this discussion, is that the "change" Obama represents is, again, not change from some deviant "soul" of the American citizenry, etcetera, but change from politics as usual, especially in the case of deep ties to global corporate wants, as in the case of the Halliburton example. Which is to leave out "big oil" in general, which, is, probably a mistake on my part.

I'm not singling out Halliburton. Just one example in a long list.

I'm in fact, not saying that the corporation Halliburton is an evil entity, or does not have its place in business (others make this case but I think that the pros and cons of this corporation are irrelevant to the theme of my argument here), but that having government leadership that is so implicitly connected to, and therefore apt to influence by, such huge corporate pressures and desires, is not good for the American soul, or the American people (the "little" people, if you will).

Taken a step farther, I feel like we need change from the son of a CIA director and former president. The political leadership in America has become too closely netted with the military, the corporate agenda, the good-ole-boys…the status quo, the upper echelon…we need to have a democratically run anti-corporate funded political leadership or else we will rot from the head down.

Let’s say, for example, Obama doesn’t have enough…the word experience is used a lot, to imply connections, right? Ok, so Obama isn’t connected enough, let’s pretend. Let’s put aside all of his accomplishments and his background in Law and government, and pretend he’s not connected enough to have “experience.” So what happens.

Well, let’s assume something goes way wrong…let’s assume a hurricane takes out Washington D.C. Ok, bad times. Then, we get hit with a huge earthquake on the San Andreas and millions are dead and millions more are homeless, and then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, some guy the CIA trained, wronged, and left to go insane on us, takes a big stab at Chicago or Miami, or Atlanta, and knocks down a few buildings, killing tens of thousands more…ok, so…North, South, East and West, all within a few months of each other, hit with total annihilation of normalcy. So what happens? Obama gets help.

We all chip in and we help him, as our leader, by elect, and we deal and we make things as good as they can be. And guess what, it doesn’t have to be catastrophe, either. This same scenario works for a collapse in the stock market, a small-time terrorist attack, a huge spike in oil and economic mayhem. He gets help. We, the people, and all those congresspeople, mayors, governors, police, emt, 911 operators, factory workers, tow truck drivers, waitstaff, etcetera…

“We All” chip in, we bond together, doing our roles, just like in the case of 9/11, we make it right. We do it. Obama’s experience means little on these terms. I don’t have the experience to make a sandwich, when I’m four years old, but with the right guidance and help, I get it done. The same applies to Obama. I think it might be good for this country to have someone who doesn’t have enough experience. Make us all act a bit more responsibly for our roles, to make this country right, again. Bring on a reason for corporations to step up to the plate for the average American. Bring on a reason for hope and change. Bring it on, baby…let’s force ourselves to show what we are made of, and not that we need to rely on those who are tied-in, connected and “experienced,” to lead us around like the sheep we’ve become.

I think Obama supporters are saying it's time to give someone a chance who is more (I realize not entirely, but more so) disconnected. Time for change, not from a way of life or the greatness of the nation, or from a mythical deviant “soul,” but from good-ole-boy, insider mentality...McCain is simply too close to the same-old-same-old thing that is not working for the underserved in America.

Now, I'm not extremely political by nature. I only know just enough about republicans and democrats to be, typically, repulsed by them both. I also don't identify with libertarians, or independents, as I don't know, honestly, what it means to fit into those boxes.

Further, I don't fit into a religious box, either. I simply cannot be categorized in those terms.
So, therefore, all I know is that I can pick a candidate who, in my opinion, will serve the greatest good of the greatest number of people. In those terms, Obama is it, it seems like.

And again, in my opinion, four years of Obama is worth a try at that goal, and seems more likely to achieve that goal (the greatest good to the most needy), than four years of McCain.
I can't see, really, either way, total collapse in our system or our world, so, with that in mind, I personally feel Obama is, despite being perhaps a longshot, the best horse for the money.

Hope this clears things up, and I desperately appreciate the discourse-there is no way to reach a correct decision without discourse. You can quote me on that. Without discourse, without discussion, it's like searching a cellar at midnight for a black cat that isn't there (H.S. Thompson on theology).

Smart people making smart arguments will show, eventually, less smart people which one is the smartest argument. This is paramount to the system of democracy. Who was it that said, “without discourse there is no democracy,” well, I’m not sure, but I know he was of enough importance that a google search would probably tell you fairly quickly.

No matter what, just remember to vote your conscious. Not to vote with whoever is the most likely to have the best connections (experience) to the status quo.

It's not right to put words in someone else's campaign...

//unless they are mine//

Dear Staffers:



And feel free to use my response as your own in defense of this tragically misaligned sentiment regarding what the Senator stands for.
This article would imply the Senator thinks our nation is one of bad character, a nation whose "soul" needs changing.
I hardly doubt that is the case.
Isn't it more to the point that the current politics need changing, simply that the current roles of government need changing, simply that the current process of government, the current process of education, the current process of spending money, the current process of engineering, the current process of foreign relations, needs changing. NOT THAT THE PEOPLE of this GREAT LAND need changing.
Am i right?

Dan's words:

Here's a posting from www.townhall.com that discusses how Barack Obama can be beat. The central message is Obama's message of change and hope is, in reality, a message of pessimism in that the "soul" of America needs changing. Let me know what you think:

My response:
i think i'm running this article straight to the obama staffers so the preparations for the attack can begin. thanks.
you know...if it wasn't for obama, i'd [probably] be supporting mccain, so that said, we're not so far apart are we?

there is something i think is desperately wrong with the article though, and that is that Obama is not saying there is anything wrong with the country or its citizenry. He's not saying we have a poorly defined will, a malignant national "soul," or anything along those lines.
What he clearly stands for, what he brings us in his message of "change," is that he's not the Bush administration.
He's not Halliburton.
He's not the son of George Bush.
He's not controlled by Dick Cheney.
He's not...this current administration. He's change from this current administration.
Mccain won't beat Obama. He'll waste valuable money that he could spend giving to underserved.
America "allows" a black man to run for president and a black woman to go to school because we wanted change in the past. We still want it, it's what we need to REMAIN the best place on earth.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A powerful movement toward serving the underserved

February 23, 2008 <> Jesse Loop


Is divorce and annulment somehow considered emotional violence to a child? http://huneesoinsane.blogsp... about 16 hours ago reply

Response from twitter question regarding detailed notions of the psychological ramifications of divorce and annulment.

There’s some level of "trauma" for kids in separated homes. but stability is complex and can't be determined unless the whole picture is considered.

The human process in general is very complex, psychological functioning and health come from stability and love, and the stability of love.

The nurturing of any individual, despite having differing effects at different age levels, is best achieved through a system of support and complementation.

Consider complementation as a form of the verb “complement,” meaning "mutually supplying each other's lack."

Other definitions exist, meaning to provide, 1, a: an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration; especially : an admiring remark.

b: formal and respectful recognition : honor

2, plural : best wishes : regards

If these definitions are applied to the development of a child by its influencing peer and “support” group, and the natural process of nurture, we can see that not only the health of the child(ren) is affected, but that the nurturing process also offers a reciprocal role to the health and well-being of the adult(s) involved. To complement one another in health and wellness; in other words.

When we utilize this manner of approach, the mutual benefit to the child and the parent creates the ideal scenario of psychologically healthy individuals stemming from psychologically healthy individual interaction. This interaction is optimal, and actions, such as divorce, create influential emotional (and physical in some cases) reactions which can, and will, to varied extents, inflict harm.

Reaching from harm to violence is, again, a scaled situation (a spectrum) where the levels of the entire process are complicated, or has complications, due to the nature of its very complexity.

The judgment factor involved in determinations of levels of harm or, conversely, levels of…we’ll use “health,” (to represent the opposite of harm) is paramount, and should be made by a networked support group of professionally trained mentors and advocates.

This network of mentors and advocates would be, ideally, in a perfect world, provided as an intrinsic social service.

Unfortunately, this idyllic and perfect world cannot exist, as it would, as outlined above, require intrusions into the rights of privacy. Any world, having intrusion into the rights of privacy, will not meet the requisite requirements of a “perfect world.”

Finally, let us not, however, be dissuaded by the fact that divorce, for example, is going to have adverse effects on our overarching definition of “health.”

There is a silver lining.

This silver lining comes from the fact that while a bad thing won’t be made a good thing, simply by the good that comes of a bad thing, good will come of all things, even bad things.

It may be difficult to recognize, but in some respects, in some regards, and in some kind of way, whether apparent or not on the surface and in the moment, it will exist.

In sum, “that which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.”

We have recently been reviewing journalistic reflections published in the mainstream mass media that involved violence towards children, or perpetrated by children or young adults.






These reflections, if you will, underscore the need for social justice, equality and a powerful movement toward serving the underserved.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I may have eaten too many twinkies

February 17, 2008:

links to latest two postings from google docs.
1. deals with obama and business
(Very short and very sweet.)

2. regarding the upcoming events in april in new orleans, and the end of violence on earth (um...)
(Stats on this one: FRE=61.27; FK=8.44. Short and sweet.)

February 16, 2008 <> jesse loop
Deep content:
Warning. newest post ratings: FRE=24.02; FK=16.72. It is deep stuff. viewable online at: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dc2prqgc_26hm6mm7f4 - use logical decription.

Folks...i appreciate your donations...I really do...I have donated five times this week. I have only donated 2.00 each time, but guess what? That's the beauty in mass marketing that is the internet...you do not have to feel bad for donating 1.00, 2.00 or 3.00 dollars...any small amount is sufficient and WILL ADD UP!!! Please, Keep It Up! and thanks...

ok and here is the link for the "too many twinkies" post...

so follow it and read it-it's a decent article, really...as are all my articles (shameless self plug in the hopes of sponsoring discourse)...
and this here post is a way for you to comment on the "twinkies defense" article...

Also, share your stories of the twinkies defense as you remember it...i'm foggy on how it really goes...but I know it does exist...I mean, I remember the story the press gave, but I'm hoping someone out there knows some "new" and juicy tidbits about it and will share them, and share how they relate to the Vagina Monologue thing in April in the Big Easy, and the mission to deconstruct race, religion and gender as mythological creations based in the nutured sociology of our times...

Monday, February 11, 2008

BBC.CO.UK will follow up on these two stories…check http://news.bbc.co.uk/ for the latest updates!

check http://news.bbc.co.uk/ for details about these breaking and important stories!

Vermont Town Heavily Backs Proposal to Issue Arrest Warrants for Bush, Cheney

By Adam Howard, AlterNet
PEEK: I have no idea if anything substantial will emerge from this but it's still a great story and a positive development.
Posted on Feb 6, 2008

Your Time Is Up, Mr. President -- the National Guard Is Coming Home

By Karen Dolan, Ben Manski, AlterNet
War on Iraq: The wisdom from Main Street U.S.A. continues to be vastly better than the "intelligence" propagated by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Posted on Feb 5, 2008

These are the first “steps to ensure Global safety.”

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Should I have Mavis Staples, Touch a hand, make a friend autostart on my blog?

Decided NO to autostarting media on blog. 4-0 even with the one that isn't anythin' to do with the subject of the query, and falsifying data, but not to a point that it was still uninimity...(aka unanimously)...

mindofandre @jesatiu auto start = no no from twhirl in reply to jesatiu

GeekMommy @jesatiu - aren't you sweet? I'm the Evil Queen tho... I've even got several coffee mugs to prove it! ;) from web in reply to jesatiu

TheRainKing @jesatiu autostart bad, very bad! :) from web in reply to jesatiu

artywah @jesatiu any media that autostarts is bad bad bad from Snitter in reply to jesatiu

In further news... @jesatiu decidely unites community to revoke and repeal, disavow and correct. @theunited holds the key to process and record. Documents available upon request.

Asimovian template secured...process near completion...

We have allowed science to be used for “bad,” Asimov traced this first “bad” use back to 1915, with the introduction of chemical poisoning warfare. However, it could be an even worse misuse of science to continue to allow it to be “not used” to debunk sour and segregating conspiracies derived from collective social knowledge, or at least the collective social knowledge that sours and segregates, and subjugates, unjustly, based on such factors as race, gender, religion and political process.

Purposeful introduction to inspiration. The knowledge of writers as a sub-group, facing categorization-al tendency. A group often attributed with attributes of similarity. Writer’s block; alcoholism; depression. Etc.

Many parallels into the world of media and the “dumbing down” of the American general public can be drawn that might relate Asimov to the main character of Good night, and Good Luck. Edward R. Murrow surely felt and voiced similar concerns in his own work. It was a time period both men shared. They shared the view that humanity closed its collective eye to the destructive force of McCarthy-ist patriotism. They were aware of the general state of propagandized education and entertainment which was a literal part of the era. The saw truth between the lines of misinformation, and misinformation for what it was.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"God," or something like It...

an email recap: the Crème de la Crème of Ernie Pyle Hall...

It would be a pleasure...if my week straightens out any, God, or something like It (watch out! tangent coming!), I, again like Asimov, am more realist than atheist, and am not really atheist, at least I don't believe I am...

Yet, I've such reservation regarding direct association with the all-to-common blasphemy spewed by scores of contemporary "Christians," that I prefer to dissassociate with even the term "God," these days, much less the culture of right wing fascism "He" seems to have spawned lately...why zealots have to ruin something as spectacular and notable as Divinity I'll never understand...it's a damn good thing I'm a nondenominational evangelist or else, because if I had to choose one religion over the other these days it would be very hard to convince myself that Christianity is viable in light of what I've seen from too many "Christians" lately...and those that do not feel they belong in my category, but believe themselves to be Christian, ought step up and do something about the rest of "their" people out there who are likely to damn the entire world if left unchecked.

I recently said, in a discussion of foreign policy, that, at this point, I'm not so worried about the fascists overseas (Iran, notably) that might build Nuclear weapons, as I am with the fascists that already have Nuclear weapons (the USA under a right wing zealot, notably). Listen, I'm fine with a strong military and protection from invasion and the use of force if absolutely necessary-I'm just not fine with the measure of absolute currently in use, and I can hardly imagine the absolute sense that would justify the global damage to my home, and my children's home, that is a Nuclear blast, not to mention the ethical and moral ramifications of the...fallout...of the use of Nuclear weaponry.

Anyway, "God" willing I'd love a chance to partake of coffee or tea and chat-always a pleasure to converse and discourse with a peer. If time does permit I'll email again...I've always regarded you with great admiration as you have shown an honorable sense of commitment to education...and journalism...By the way, what ever became of the striking "other AI" from Evans' class...she was remarkable on many levels...haven't seen her around lately...just musing, it's of little consequence, really...but yes, her company was always a pleasure...and why am I so bad with names? Sheez.

And I don't mean to barrage you with banter (careful! soapbox warning!), but I do want to quickly recommend to you Donald T. Philips' book, Martin Luther King, Jr. On Leadership for relevance in association with the Katrina aftermath, today's "challenging times," and Dr. Mackie-an intersection exists to the political and social challenges facing the country in this time, a time of a most important election...vote, and vote Obama, being the final thought. You see, Katrina underscores the need for quality leadership like hardly anything else I can think of...unless of course, the economy, foreign policy and human rights come into the mix...geez...it's grotesque what this administration has done to our world...sigh.

Anyway, as always, bestest wishes in these trying times my friend,

fund this cause-because...