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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dedicated to knowing what we don't know...

In response to the fabulously informative new media found at:


I have a blog entry written for today: (Also posted as a comment on the aforementioned blog.)

Therein lies a tremendous amount of energy and misplaced hatred, irrational behaviours, and utter indecency...wherein? In the affairs of the fate of humans. No person, man or woman, can be in the interior of any other singular and sole human. To pretend to be able to "put one in another's shoes" is merely too present oneself as a foolish antagonist.
However, to find compassion and likeness and comparative spirit with other humans is to reveal the true nature of the intention of the human object, as well as the nature of the human objective.
How ridiculous our differences of cultural manifesto will seem one day when, in years from now, others realize just how intricately attached to our nurturing we were. How pale and narrow. The thoughts and rituals we spread and bestowed from one to one another, so childishly simple and lame. Like the donkey that only knows of its death, and only living for death, it gives nothing to its kind, and in return, nothing to it is reciprocated. It fears the loss of its existence so much so that it is its own demise.
Be forewarned, fellows, when we disallow the natural order of person, taking it from one person so as to place it within the boundaries of another person, we settle into a realm of misconstrued waste. When, in retrospect, we see ourselves as we are truly meant to be seen, we realize just how important it is for us to refrain from such behaviour, as to misconstrue and waste the spiritual well being and destiny of another. Meddle, meddle, and toil will ye, unto troubles of certain.
Spare free of spirit and tide thy neighboring brother and sister and being with comforts of hope, and cherish thee, and plentiful will ye find the health of thy own spirit.
Live life awake, aware and alive- and remember, simplicity of three-live life free.

Natalie, you are an angel among us, for gifted with the scribe of truth and the decency of the unknown, you've seen the truth behind the...not lies (at least not wholly), but, rather, untruths.
You have begun the journey that breaks down centuries old demise, and opens new horizons for the advancement of the species. With the wisdom of knowledge unknown, you've set forward a quest. There is no way to reach this end, for it isn't a place or a time, it is an occurrence. There is, though, an expressly viable way to be this end…or rather, this…occurrence.
Graciously, your avant-guard is that you are avant-guard...a guardian in faith of the species. An artist in the art of proper and purposeful survival, whose purpose and dedication is ”active in the invention and application of new techniques in a given field...”
The techniques are as you’ve set them out above, and the field is the nature of human progression. All too often we think of ourselves as near an end. These thoughts are formed from a stem, derived from our mortality, in as much as we perceive our own life. This thought pattern is one which is not altogether cohesive with our relation to actuality.
You see, in reality, we exist before and after our birth and life, in whatever forms we care to take, of which I can specify but will not, for brevity’s sake. And in such terms, we find, with the knowledge hereto discussed, that we find very many of our fellow spirits choosing to meddle into the affairs of the perception of life which is solely a perception of life that they have been predeterminately disposed to forming by their own cultural nurturing. Shortly, we can say, it is not a life that is lost, in reality, as that life is a life regardless of our perceiving that life as being similar to our own sense of what a life is.
Now, this is all very well discussed and such, as to where if taken statement by statement and claim by claim, it would suffice to uphold its own merit. What it does, in those terms, then, is to answer the question of how a person who is a certain “kind” of person can decide to act as though that person were a person of a different “kind.” When really, that person is the same as the others, once they realize how similar they are to the aforementioned person (you, in this example). What we can also accomplish, by seeing your example followed, and by utilizing the virtues of compassion and hope, as opposed to those non-virtuous actions, such as depicting embryonic destruction, using guilt, shame and fear as icons of a fight that includes nastiness and ridicule as a tortuous form of motivation to conform to the meddling of another two spirits, is love. Thank you for the forum. Readers: please, donate or contact me for ways to help.

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