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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great things in smaller humans-And small humans in great things.

Variety of current topics discussed in thread of daily activity, includes notable quotes and links for the day...

Arrived home today to find that my daughter had done what she should have done and bussed the dishes and counter in our spacious kitchen/living area. She has done her homework and gone off to bed after getting a little laundry ready. Once I’ve actually installed the washer dryer in the hall where it goes this is going to be fairly easy…depending on my perspective, you know…

So, I turned my thoughts to her and then thought of her sister, with whom I’ve eaten lunch this afternoon.

She’s so bright-when she put on my hat I had to photograph it, good thing this four-year-old Nokia “candybar” style 3220 I’ve got still pulls out a pic now and then…night mode doesn’t work, but a few of the really awful things it was doing after being left in the rain that one time, oh wait, that was after it had also fallen from the car-breaking the screen (I was able to ebay replace that myself, dry the water damage with heat lamps and get that sucker back up and running, though). Getting it back up and usable turned out to work perfectly as well. The replacement one (identical, of course, how do you think I got the “new” screen?) was damaged shortly after going into service.

Well yeah, I love putting technology together, I really do. But when it works against me though…well those are the off days.

I have them. I mean I have days when electrons and particles just won’t deal with me. I suppose it’s those days that I…”diverge from normal” as I’ve stated…but I mean, when you can’t get this that or anything to work! You know…when it all fails? Ok like…when “stuff” isn’t stuff it’s…well…just there ‘cause it don’t work no more?...

Ok I have to explain what a phone is when it has no way of working and it becomes no longer a phone anymore-but rather a nonphone, but I really want to talk about my younger kid again…so I’ll explain later.

She likes things her way.

Some might call her…oh, I don’t know…pushy, or something (evil, that, was said once-she was compared to Evil Betty as we refer to my grandmother now…man it hurt when evil Betty finally died except she was one of those nursing home bound ones by then and what really hurt was when she stopped being evil Betty, you know? Years before she actually passed. We had some damn good times.).

So pushy kid is demanding water and salsa and all, except she really wasn’t being pushy; just assertive.

I loved it. And we so enjoyed lunch. Her digging for the one penny I had in my coat pocket and helping open my new books. Man did she tear into that quesadilla to get to the bread…and she a skinny girl, too. I think really she just didn’t care fore the cilantro, it was sooo good, I can eat cilantro plain by the handful-stuff is good.

Ohhh yeah…187.00 for something that’s already online and you get both? C’mon people…Chez Nous can go to pieces for all I care. I’m sorry guys, I know you gotta make a living too and all but I don’t see the breakdown-oh wait-shareholders...oh…yeah? really? Oh they do? Demanding? Oh ok…well…yeah I’ll quit bitching. I love the way you totally discombobulated the entire learning French experience here, but C’est la vie-is just my review.

SOOO I have hot tea, am going to eat some potatoes and hook you up with a few cool quotes and links of the day and call it a day…

I swear I won’t talk of textbooks for long, BUT I do know some of the answers one of you seeks. Or, at least I can see in the 17th direction that you are tying into the largest, most hungriest, most dominant group to ever read a magazine or buy a textbook. At least on record that we can actually prove.

I access my 180.00 content on a site linked through my collaborative learning site.

It’s url is: https://oncourse.iu.edu/portal. You won't be able to access without proper credentials.

You know, before we get to the links for the textbook topics that are of interest to those of you who have interest in magazine readership, I think I’ll talk about…skeery, huh? You don’t know what’ll come out next…

Ok ok…

I think I’ve met a million people. I’ve heard a record called 60,000,000 Buffalo once, that I’m certain and positive about, but I really think I’ve met or came into contact with over a million of you others. Just a personal thought I had when someone asked me if I’d heard of various ways of meeting people…I wasn’t in their head so I’m not sure what they thought that made them to think that they’d ask me that, the person who has traveled across this country and through this country every single way that people move themselves about (planes-roughly 40 trips-not much to bus travs but just as a kid, back then, that was something) (trains-yeah four/five times, if you count going up the west coast…and subways and such) (and-autos and hitchhiking and driving and walking and generally going throught the world, as Yung would say…) anyway, All I’m saying is that I know what I’m talking about whenever I do.

Buzzy says, “you might just say what you mean if you ever learn to mean what you say,” or something like that…I’ll just post the song for you to listen too (parts of)…

Ok done. On to textbooks and the online presence and transition…I know many of you know what the TRANSITION word is all about…as do I…as do I…

Oh, and I also realized I missed a question posed on a blog the other day (see response to when did you start blogging). I said I was a newbie and I am not up there with some of the greats that really are out there today, but I have been working on this for a while. I do a lot less news (*well survival, physical and emotional/spiritual are kinda like news…but yeah). Which is to say I don’t do any hard news, unless it’s reposted. I do do human though, and I do write/blog and have been doing it for several years now…I’ve kept up enough to play a little catch-up here and be right up to now where everyone else is…that’s one of the most interesting things about technology’s aspects and attributes-we are living in it now in the present and those at the top can be caught by any of the rest of us that are in the chase too. Not that we will, but we could, theoretically, because we “newbies” and “amateurs” as I like to call us, live in the same era as do the real pros.

In contrast, for example, a while back if someone was involved in something cutting edge, some publication or political directive they were authoring or advancement to physics or philosophy or math or astronomy, or music (we can add in names, Mozart, Franklin, Nietzsche, etc…) they were kinda special, kinda one of a kind, like…but now…at least in the sphere of technology, we’re all “growing up on it,” so to speak, at the same time, er, in the same times. You get it.

So finally here’s that stuff on the textbooks. Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki on twitter) should find these of interest, at least, worth a quick click, cause that’s all there is…come back and finish the article though…please.

This follows in the vein of an article on truemors.com in which guykawasaki askes for opinion regarding a "new" technological approach to textbook learning...at least that was my take on the process...I could have it all wrong...

Elsewhere, I saw a good article via http://truemors.com/ on the new legalization efforts coming out of Oakland-and with an educational ring to them. I had wondered the other day if the DARE program would, seeing how we have so much globalization and buyouts and consolidations and all (according to the experts…oh they are? Media? Really? Well, I mean…I guess…but then…some of us are trained…) ok sorry…back at the ranch…

Where were we….ew, yeah…talking about drugs and making them legal. I don’t want to go off on that, it might violate some terms I’m obligated too.

Anyway…was talking about the book at this link: Amazon.com Primal Leadership Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence Books DanielGoleman,Richard E. Boyatzis,Annie McKee, which is about leading and leadership in the current day and age...I would like to read the book if someone could donante the 11.00 that would be great. I really appreciate if you are able to do things like that now and then.

Felt an interest in the article from truemors.com:
Permanent Link to School of Pot

MikeToner @jesatiu Are you referring to the FEC chairman? The book reference is really not necessarily a suggested read; I have not actually read it from web in reply to jesatiu

@cartwright very sweet to say "brave" but i love heights & freefall, so for me it was cheating. brave = facing fears. i'm "eh" at that. from web in reply to Cartwright
Raw footage of a flying nut: http://is.gd/Iw And of other folks who actually know what they are doing: http://is.gd/Iv from web
Poigspam: Dearest One, I am writting this letter with due respect and heartful of tears since we have not known or met ourselves previously from web
@megfowler VERY nicely put. from web in reply to megfowler

Further, I would like to offer these links just for fun-although if you have been following Jim Long's article on freedom of speech and have thought about how we have tons of it, and thereby have a huge need to protect it, as well as having thought about how it is related to freedom of privacy, then these links may be your thing...
Permanent Link to Ex-Congressman Charged in Terror Conspiracy
Lawmaker CIA tape destruction unauthorized - Security- msnbc.com
Permanent Link to Rosie O’Donnell Compares Britney Spears to Princess Di

This last one sort of doesn't belong with the two previous, unless we discuss how a breakdown in freedoms could result in a breakdown in pur ability to create the power we need to make the technology we depend on work. This isn't, at least not yet, a complete threat, as we still retain some lore and ability to survive without technology, but in a couple decades or so, it could become an issue.
Permanent Link to 20 Signs That Technology Rules Your Life

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I’m thinking about starting a new series, too, and podcasting it, as well, if I can garner any interest and capital. Capital is a major obstacle for me at this time. But that will come…

So the series uses my writing and your headlines. I’ll share more detail eventually.

It’ll be grand.

Lastly, really this time, here are a couple links regarding business. Pretty much just follow these two at your own risk...you never know where things will lead you.

Need funding for business venture. on Yedda - People. Sharing. Knowledge. Businesspundit
What Bullet Holes in Airplanes Can Teach You About ...

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jessica said...

Have u try the online bookstore

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hehe ^_^

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