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Monday, September 14, 2009

To solve a crisis. Human rights. Claims.

Apply a fact.
This is LEADing_google.com/ into the revelation of inheritance over the domain which ultimately redefines the manufacturing of data and information based on the production of human capital which is managed by the claims to rights of management of groups meeting the requirements of regulation by governing body. Hopefully.

"Do we want to pit citizen against citizen in an endless competition for the 'best' products and services?"

Well, why not?

Liberti.org - Philadelphia's four annexes

« Un monde capitaliste organisé selon des principes libéraux ne connaît pas de zones "économiques" séparées. Dans un tel monde, la totalité de la surface de la terre forme un seul territoire économique. »

-Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973), Le Libéralisme, 1927

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This is a reference to understanding human social behavior, because the social structure and collective conscience of the people are an intricate variable to how risks are perceived, how actions are formed, and how we live how we live.
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vox rocks, the beat, I see me in the sane...inside the limits of boundaries we can't comprehend.
Above is a note to remind self. It may not make sense, unless it is given the context of social networking, information and data. These are significant because they are representations of the people, in an extent.


This is the Bank of America. This is AT&T. This is AIG. This is HSBC, JPCHASE, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and the Issuing Banks and Wholesale Financial Institutions which manage the shareholder investment in the working capital of the world, a world populated with individual production units (people), with specified needs, rights, and responsibilities, authority, expectations of behavior and general human-ness, which make up the boundaries of terrestrial social systems.
Expectation of behavior are limited to those known to humans, only. Note: rather large category, with very grey edges and rather few direct oppositional intersects.

We are a monopoly, whether we choose to be or not, and we are listening to you, but we don't have the insight, as of yet, to listen without defeating your right to privacy, without your consent. Rights, individual, will be subjugated to the claims for rights of the collectives.
HUMAN rights.
Claims adjusters necessary.
Insurance and finance are one. We'll need to work with this, not against it. I apologize to His Honor Mr. Clinton for suggestions in previous documents I've authored which claim legislation blending the two was particularly questionable, as I know now that it is one structure and it must be dealt with accordingly.

Systematic reduction of personal financial responsibility.
Reduction clarification: to reduce the ailments of greed-based personally satisfying characteristics (in regard to behavior).

Personal financial responsibility.
Maintaining financial and economic value with proper management is not a given right, wealth of mass in such terms is not a right, it is a duty, and with it comes the responsibility to respond ethically and in a manner consistent with the untainted desires of the general population.
General population in an anthropology-oriented system of grouping, is to maintain and identify groups of individuals for the reconciliation of personal financial responsibility and the needs of the groups at stake; with a clear understanding that there is one group and the other groups flow into it seamlessly and efficiently. They come from a variety of superimposed situational, and overlapping roots, which is, in aggregate, the species.
Species recognition.
The legal community is a group.
The acedemic community is a group.
Significant group. The closest claimholders (as collectively agreed via legal process)1 to those having realized and proper rights to the geospatial boundaries (think of geographic-orientation as representative of a socio-cultural space, or boundary).

Group Classification; sub-topic: realized by the measure of legitimacy present through collectivity and desires of groups of individuals working in reflexive nature to produce the group identities necessary to function based on the existing model of human behavior and action.
Sub-topic: Boundaries, coordinates, and measures of terrestrial boundary and "those having realized" the inheritance of "proper rights" to those boundaries, as established via the system for mapping and territorial zoning that exists currently.

Managing financial responsibility is best when the directions of the sound and logical, well-reasoned leadership comes from a base group with the interests focused.
Focus itself is not static and must be managed outside, and in fact, beyond the political process which regulates the business group. Perhaps we think of checks and balance from the standpoint of process: designed to eliminate disfunction and optimize production, through management of resources and capital, human or otherwise. Be mindful that virtually all capital seems to have the capacity to be related to some form of human capital-based productivity (This comes in many forms, yes? No?).

Are not to assume current is best for future, or that past equals success over current, but reflexively we can share responsibility with a compassionate and less-"pirahnic" methodology.

1-Legal process is a formation of what? Apply the ethical determinism argument from the disciplines and populate analysis of the formation, desire, need, intent, past, current, future, and all attributes necessary to glean the proper conduct of political processes in the post-colonial terrestrial existence.

Finding assest to manage is the contemporary collective memory and conscience induced behavior pattern which expresses the value and worth of an individual as percieved by the misconceptions which exist due to the production of collective memories, which are prone to fail as reliable for the formation of ideals and goals because it is often a construction, rather than fact or truth.

Open letter to Google:

Is Google willing to lead the world on a quest for quality? Overall quality: the tendency to realize a future where the quality of everything is better than it would have been had it not been tampered with.
Social management. Financial responsibility. How are these regulated, controlled and connected?

I can maintain a communicative enlightenment session with the leaders of the free world because I have been charged with the duty and responsibility by the terms of life itself, through the involvement of forces which are both random and organized, planned, subjective, reflexive and, in sum, whole, without restriction; a result of the existence of all forces combined and arranged in this stream of data we call life on earth.

What is good for business, is good for business. Population control for the overtaxation of business is greed, and it is faulty.

A method of study which produces an average opinion of an average sample with average characteristics and applied relevance to the larger group is able to provide research which forms a direction for the application of intentions which are human produced and oriented in the direction those charged with production, and which lead to designed applications intended to produce goals which coincide with the intentions of the group facilitating management of management, where management the second time is the collectively aggregated sum total of group; aka the human race.

Look at my life. Look at how closely I am related to industries which are dominant producers of goods supplied to meet the requirements, demands, and whims, even, of the consuming group and all subgroups.
Who has the capability to look at my life in order to judge my relevance to the larger groupings I fall into, and then direct the boundaries for the larger group I am a part of, without mandating my terrestrial experience, and violating my privacy and individual liberty boundaries?

I am asking for a donation for improvements to the space occupied by Google, its leadership, employees, stakeholders, and dependent individuals affected by the direction and leadership of the organization.

This may seem arrogant, but it is not, because it is not with desire or greed for myself that I am able to assist in the leadership endeavors, but because my life has chosen me to react to the pressures, which can change radically from negative to positive, with spontaneously randomized inconsistency...irrrrr...well, let's say that life is random, and we are subjects of its direction, which is beyond the control of an individual, or even an entity, in some respects, simply due to the fact that human beings do not have the capacity to manage life to the degree that it does not in and of itself manage human beings.

Searching for quality. I believe in this mission, and it does not have to relate directly to equality, as if it is pure quality, it will ultimately be directly related to equality.

Could a hoax be a hoax design? Could intentions online be made personal? Could online activity find a way into the domain which is technically, under law, the property of the intellectual who produced those activities, but is considered the property of the domain in which they reside? Is this domain to be owned, controlled, commodified and maintained?

Management of executive assets is under close scrutiny at this time.

Executive planning.

This is a method used to execute the dominated, either with intent or none, in such a way as to render the dominated incapable of recognizing the execution in progress, and either emotionally or physically (metaphysically, too?), or both, leave the dominated ignorant of such planning...perhaps there are not so many conspiracies? Perhaps identifiying the ones that do exist aids in determining those that do not, and thereby grouping all in existence satisfactorily.

Give aways, of financial subsidy, could occur which stimulate in a randomized fashion, but a better process would engage production units interactively with the production of quality.

Perhaps this is too deep at present, for the comprehension necessary to institute behavior based on the quest for quality, but I assert that the quest for quality is never, in true form, an undertaking which should not exist.

This is an example of worldwide distribution of knowledge necessary for orderly and sane, scientific and spiritual and simple, straightforward quality control.
Philadelphia owns the world, based on geographic and social power, and the inclusion of major influences? Why, or why not?

How can data be directly transferred to power and control, and to what extend is it allowable to utilize this data in such a way as to exercise and execute quality control?


manage human beings.


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