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Thursday, September 10, 2009

administrative rights are a responsibility.

Two versions of this exist on a recent post, there are minor additions in each, but for the most part the text is repetitive.

The human race and a collective group of individuals with claims to rights, inherent needs, basic equality and the individual right to pursue happiness and enjoy freedoms which do not negatively impact upon the reciprocal quality rights of other individuals, or their grouped and politically accepted identifying affiliations.
Politics maintain the boundaries of acceptable desired normalities, maintained by groups of individuals.
Economic resources are simply resources. Resources require management; some of which is inherently incorporated in the process of life which exists beyond the intentions and directions of humankind's influence over determinism as a whole.

final draft before accidental upload to "Google Search Quality Team."
This is the wrong message for this subject line, as this does not have to do with dissatisfaction of results, but rather suggestions for improving functionality by maintaining the results of the query in a format identical to the results of the original query at the time of the original query.
I am suggesting a donation for improvements to the space occupied by Google, it's leadership, employees, stakeholders, and dependent individuals affected by the direction and leadership of the organization.

This document is continued at the following Google location:
Wow. I'm impressed. Put it to use either with or without me, but put it to use, either way, and you will encounter me, at some point, at some time, in some way...and this is the stuff life is made of. I promise. Do...you...encourage or deny?

I can maintain a communicative enlightenment session with the leaders of the free world because I have been charged with the duty and responsibility by the terms of life itself, through the involvement of forces which are both random and organized, planned, subjective, reflexive and, in sum, whole, without restriction; a result of the existence of all forces combined and arranged in this stream of data we call life on earth.
This may seem arrogant, but it is not, because it is not with desire or greed for myself that I am able to assist in the leadership endeavors, but because my life has chosen me to react to the pressures, which can change radically from negative to positive, with spontaneously randomized inconsistency...irrrrr...well, let's say that life is random, and we are subjects of it's direction, which is beyond the control of an individual, or even an entity, in some respects, simply due to the fact that human beings do not have the capacity to manage life to the degree that it does not in and of itself manage human beings.
Searching for quality. I believe in this mission, and it does not have to relate directly to equality, as if it is pure quality, it will ultimately be directly related to equality.
What is good for business, is good for business. Population control for the overtaxation of business is greed, and it is faulty.
Could a hoax be a hoax design? Could intentions online be made personal? Could online activity find a way into the domain which is technically, under law, the property of the intellectual who produced those activities, but is considered the property of the domain in which they reside? Is this domain to be owned, controlled, commodified and maintained?
Management of executive assets is under close scrutiny at this time.
Executive planning is to execute the dominated, either with intent or none, in such a way as to render the dominated incapable of recognizing the execution in progress, and either emotionally or physically (metaphysically, too?), or both, leave the dominated ignorant of such planning...perhaps there are not so many conspiracies? Perhaps identifiying the ones that do exist aids in determining those that do not, and thereby grouping all in existence satisfactorily.
Give aways could occur which stimulate in a randomized fashion, but a better process would engage production units interactively with the production of quality.
Perhaps this is too deep at present, for the comprehension necessary to institute behavior based on the quest for quality, but I assert that the quest for quality is never, in true form, an undertaking which should not exist.

This is an example of worldwide distribution of knowledge necessary for orderly and sane, scientific and spiritual and simple, straightforward quality control.
Philadelphia owns the world, based on geographical and social power, and the inclusion of major influences? Why, or why not?
How can data be directly transferred to power and control, and to what extend is it allowable to utilize this data in such a way as to exercise and execute quality control?

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