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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Concentration in life...it's 3-D, and moving...

"I know you probably don't want to hear this, but you need to concentrate on your life. ..."
This is the result of collective memory, collective consciousness, and beliefs in things that are the product of manipulation by an industry which has supplied so many romanticized fantasies and superimposed realities that the general population (those subject to manipulations, spectrum of prone-ness, included) cannot effectively distinguish between inherent cultural value and the culture which is created by this manipulation.
It shouldn't be necessary to include too much information about how to fix society, in general, though, in order to impart some analysis which might have an effect on single family residential housing notes, but it does need to be discussed, in some context, because the general population does have a good deal of responsibility for the conditions which exist, although they do not always seem to act accordingly, nor do they appear to always be aware of the fact that they do, collectively, have responsibility.
Messages. Just the word alone gives importance to the claim above. It is a message that is sent when...how...what is the best way to reach out to gain the attention of the general population and give them the opportunity to understand the life we lead, as a collective, in the way that Government and Business understand the life we lead...
Are there policies in place, anywhere, anyhow, anyway, which place restrictions on the knowledge of the general public for any interests whatsoever? Of course there must be, when we look at Homeland Security. But, are there others? And in fact, what are they over at Homeland Security? Who knows this information? Who regulates this? How can this be done, perhaps, while still maintaining control, but also giving necessary disclosure to the general population, so that they may be as informed as is necessary to insure against the catastrophic event that economic collapse represents.
Collapse is a loaded term, as we have discussed recently. Collapse leads us to believe everything stops working, when in fact, the only thing that we know for certain about the future is that it will keep coming, and it will keep us functioning in one form or another. We will continue to survive. We know this.
What we need to be considering now, with the involvement of all the stakeholders, is how we expect to continue to survive. Under what conditions, and what can we do to prevent those we don't desire, and foster those that we do. In fact, can we even begin by finding some common ground in determining what we agree on.

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An excerpt from The 21st Century Nonprofit, written by Paul Firstenberg:

"Sarbanes-Oxley statute was introduced in 2002. That bill, designed for public corporations, includes provisions that can be used to strengthen the integrity of financial reporting in the nonprofit sector."
(ISBN 978-1-59542-249-1 334pgs.)

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