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Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's not right to put words in someone else's campaign...

//unless they are mine//

Dear Staffers:



And feel free to use my response as your own in defense of this tragically misaligned sentiment regarding what the Senator stands for.
This article would imply the Senator thinks our nation is one of bad character, a nation whose "soul" needs changing.
I hardly doubt that is the case.
Isn't it more to the point that the current politics need changing, simply that the current roles of government need changing, simply that the current process of government, the current process of education, the current process of spending money, the current process of engineering, the current process of foreign relations, needs changing. NOT THAT THE PEOPLE of this GREAT LAND need changing.
Am i right?

Dan's words:

Here's a posting from www.townhall.com that discusses how Barack Obama can be beat. The central message is Obama's message of change and hope is, in reality, a message of pessimism in that the "soul" of America needs changing. Let me know what you think:

My response:
i think i'm running this article straight to the obama staffers so the preparations for the attack can begin. thanks.
you know...if it wasn't for obama, i'd [probably] be supporting mccain, so that said, we're not so far apart are we?

there is something i think is desperately wrong with the article though, and that is that Obama is not saying there is anything wrong with the country or its citizenry. He's not saying we have a poorly defined will, a malignant national "soul," or anything along those lines.
What he clearly stands for, what he brings us in his message of "change," is that he's not the Bush administration.
He's not Halliburton.
He's not the son of George Bush.
He's not controlled by Dick Cheney.
He's not...this current administration. He's change from this current administration.
Mccain won't beat Obama. He'll waste valuable money that he could spend giving to underserved.
America "allows" a black man to run for president and a black woman to go to school because we wanted change in the past. We still want it, it's what we need to REMAIN the best place on earth.


Dan Mosqueda said...

At first I had mixed feelings on your response to my reposting Ben Shapiro's article from www.townhall.com. But, it clearly struck a nerve for both of us. I've been bothered by Obama for some time. I think he's an amazing speaker, but he never says anything but "Hope" and "Change," without any substance or policy.

Others read this article and appreciated it, in one case my "twitter" reply was I "only have 140 characters available, but let's start w/ how ill-defined change isn't about hope, it's rooted in pessimism & defeat." I think Obama has figured out how to essentially create fear and doubt in people's minds. It's not new, many others before him have done it. Ref: http://danmosqueda.blogspot.com/2008/02/michael-medved-hope-is-not-political.html for examples.

A list of things that have no bearing on Senator McCain (i.e. not Halliburton, etc...) are simply subterfuge, smoke, and mirrors. McCain is none of those either.

McCain is an experienced leader (he earned the rank of US Navy Captain and led large organizations), he is a maverick and doesn't have an issue bucking "his" party when it's the "right thing to do," and he has solid plans and policies versus speeches of platitudes upon platitudes.

- McCain is respectful.
- McCain is experienced.
- McCain hits the ground as President with no need for "On the Job Training"
- McCain fully understands we live in a dangerous world.
- McCain understands that taxing and creating large government programs leads to big government and less freedom for all
- McCain is not a slick speaker
- McCain is substance
- McCain carries a true message of hope and change with substance to back it up

I appreciate your comment. I suspect America will understand Senator Obama is a serious, thoughtful man, but in the balance has no experience, and lacks the maturity and vision based in reality and experience to provide insight into his plans for our nation. They will be reminded that America didn't become great because a black man can run for President or that Michele Obama can go to an Ivy league school. America is great and has been great from the day we declared independence and has hS a strong run since then with a few bumps in the road.

Anonymous said...

If people want change then let them change what they don't like. In the end, in a vigilant society, the politicians serve us if we hold them accountable and make demands of them If the people held a strike and refused to participate in this consensual madness, we could force them to change.


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